Yo Mama USA is a premier frozen yogurt manufacturer and distributor locate in Virginia. We specialize in frozen yogurt powders that create both sweet tart and sweet cream frozen yogurt flavors. Our powders are created using only top quality ingredients that ultimately create the best tasting frozen yogurt. Our frozen yogurt is known for its perfect blend of creamy and tart notes that is perfect on its own or finished with your favorite toppings. We also offer free sample and free shipping, so why notcontact us!

Yo Mama USA

Original Tart
$10.00 $9.50
$16.75 $15.00
Angel Food Cake - W
$16.75 $15.75
$16.75 $15.75
$15.75 $14.75
Dr. Pepper
$15.75 $14.75
Green Apple
$15.75 $14.50
$15.75 $14.75

Why Yo Mama?

Yo Mama USA has created a mix system that is guaranteed to increase convenience and productivity without compromising quality.  The balance of the sweet and tart note of frozen yogurt wrapped in the creamiest texture is sure to awaken the culinary senses of your customers.  Combine this premium product with convience of use and flexibility for customization and you have the best solution for your business!  Read more...